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Are You Ready to be a Blogger (and Make Money Doing it?!)

Where are you on the blogging accelerator pyramid… are you a Blogger-2-Be (wanting to become a blogger), are you a Blogger (you HAVE a blog!), a Blog Employee (you’re making money but still working FOR your blog), or a Blog Boss (you’re making money through multiple income streams and your blog is working for YOU)!

I have created a system to help you move up the blogging accelerator pyramid! The Blog Monetizer Method is designed to help you get on the fast track to making money through your blog (“fast track” in terms of blogging… this is a LONG TERM game, but those who stick with it will have awesome success!). 

Here is what you will accomplish each week:

  • Week 1: DISCOVER
    • Identify your niche and blog name.
  • Week 2: BUILD
    • Build the bones of your website and hit publish!
  • Week 3: LEARN
    • Begin learning SEO and polishing your website pages.
  • Week 4: FIND THE GOLD
    • Discover what blog topics will bring in the traffic.
  • Week 5: CREATE
    • Write your first blog post.
  • Week 6: NUTURE
    • Create additional audiences online to nurture.
  • Week 7: DREAM
    • Uncover potential income streams you want to build.
  • Week 8: PLAN
    • Create a plan for blog posting, nurturing your audience, & creation of income streams.

Pricing options

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